How To use Google Apps on Your WordPress Blog – Part 1

Google apps is an excellent repository for WordPress bloggers. Why? It provides several useful apps which brings immense value to your blog. Here we will look at some of the most popular Google tools which are used by many web developers today. Below are top Google services or applications which you should give a try and integrate with your WordPress blogs.


Starting Google Apps for WordPress List

Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress

Though this may seem to you a priceless tool there are lots of resources on which you can have your track on. Your track referrers, advertising, clicks can all be tracked with the help of Google Analytics graph. It can keep a track of a single website or a thousand of yours. You can aim specific content; analytic tells you from place your visitors belong to, how long they were surfing on your site and much more which you will get to know once you get your hands on it. Checkout top 10 reasons to implement Google Analytics on your Blog.

Google AdSense / Adwords Plugin for WordPress

This tool is a gift for those who are thinking of using ads and have low visitors visiting their website from Google Apps family. There are uncountable numbers of ways to use ads for your site so make sure you read few of them. The best thing about Adwords is the keyword search tool. Checkout Google Adsense Plugin here.

Google Chrome / Developer Tools

Google Chrome steps over Opera and Safari web browser and is in charge of 10% of your browser usage. This tool is marvelously fast and steady. Chrome is categorized into Developer Tools pack and by some it is considered enhanced than Firefox’s Firebug. Google browser has even integrated Firebug lite and other extensions that almost seen in Firefox’s list. It has almost completely thrown out Firefox in the race league.

Google Website Optimizer

Website Optimizer is an easy use tool for testing the content of your site that supplies practical results. It is mainly used for sales and landing pages and many examples are seen in people’s sales page making a radical change in theme sales. This tool basically helps you to try with different things and see what suits best for your site and you get to know what changes are required by the site. Follow Google Website Optimizer here.

Google Libraries API

These Google libraries can be used with WordPress. Though WordPress loads a framework, you can still very well use the Google version. The tool supports Dojo, jQuery, jQuery UI, Chrome frame, MooTools, Prototype, Ext Core and many more. The Google Libraries is much faster than the WordPress version and is surely ready to take the place of already existing in WordPress. Here is the Google Libraries API.

Google Font Directory

Google Font Directory is one of the most exciting tools to use when there is no fonts in the websites. The font can be used like any other in the style sheets. There are dozens of fonts which are being updated from time to time. It implements the CSS @font-face method and makes it cross-browser attuned. The fonts can be implemented in multiple ways and you can also use a plugin depending on type of work you have. It looks like this:

@import url(‘‘);

#body { font: normal normal normal 14px/20px ‘Droid Sans’, Arial, sans-serif; }

Google Chart Tools

With Google charts tool of Google Apps family, you can comfortably use Google Documents to create collaborative charts which you can use on your website. There is lot of command by these tools and is suggested for everyone.

Google Docs

Bringing office load to the wen is what Google Docs offer. You can easily share your documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and even forms. The best feature of the tool is that you can live edit a document within a group which maybe a public one or private one. Google Docs can straight be integrated into WordPress pages and posts and an online option to Microsoft Office.


Most of the WordPress developers have their base account as Gmail. With this Gmail tool, it’s really easy to have all your mails fused in a sole Gmail account. You can have it as your main account, forward different domain mails to that Gmail account and make tons of tools in usage to manage and bring together your mails. May it be 10 or a dozen of mails; it all gets forwarded to your Gmail account.

Wrapping up

We have seen number of tools and the way they help us in assisting WordPress projects. There is hardly any tool which you can forget as each tool has its own importance. Hope you make the best out your tools. Be creative. Continue checking our part 2 of useful Google apps for your blog readers.