How To use Google Apps on Your WordPress Blog – Part 2

This is a continuation of the previous post on “How To use Google Apps on Your WordPress Blog – Part 1” where we have talked about the top Google apps from Google Labs which can empower your blog. Here we will look at some more useful apps from Google which will bring new capabilities for the users rather than the admins. So these apps are more focused on your blog readers so that the engagement equation of your blog goes much high.


Google Maps

Though there are Google Maps related plugins, but Google’s MapPress is pretty much different. It may allow you to do basics but is must integration in WordPress, an exceptionally powerful tool which automatically amalgamates itself in our day-to-day life. It’s a really helpful tool for developmental projects.

Google Checkout

If you are running an eCommerce kind of site, then you should know that at least 30% of your customers have Google Checkout accounts which they love to use several times. It’s quite similar to the PayPal’s cart check out and used as an alternative for WordPress users. It’s considered to top the list of third party options. The best part of the tool is about its integration with Google Product Search and Google Adwords. There are many plugins that can help you to integrate this application into your WordPress website.

Google Translate

If your site gets visited throughout the world then you have readers who are not always much comfortable with the English language and will be immensely helped if they can get your blog translated to their native language. With support for more than 40 world languages, Google Translation API can be utilized very efficiently to increase your blog traffic considerably.

YouTube Google Apps

YouTube is a lot more than watching music videos and other funny stuff. It’s the biggest stand to upload all categories of videos and it integrates very well with WordPress. YouTube videos can be easily embedded into WordPress just by entering the URL of the video. You can also make the most out of YouTube channel for getting more visitors to your site. Checkout this YouTube plugin for WordPress.

Google Custom Search

The name defines itself as just what it creates is a custom search engine which you implement for your own site. You can customize it in a way that it will search only your sites or content or numerous sites, take out certain results out of the search results and many such options are more to look forward to. One can also connect his AdSense account with the ads which are seen on the top of the results. In simple words, a power of Google in your personalized search engine. It’s an obvious alternative for WordPress search. Checkout this Google Custom Search Plugin.

Google Reader

It’s a free website based RSS feed tools presently available. It’s a descent system and a nice way to keep all your sites in a single place. The RSS settings can be changed in such way where it either shows excerpts or full content. You insert your WordPress site as a ‘send to’ link in Google Reader and you can also blog on the posts in your feed. Here is Google Reader plugin.


It’s a tool which redirects WordPress feeds through their system by which you can keep track on your subscribers in many ways. It also helps you modify your feeds have other useful tools handling things like email subscriptions. Here is Feedburner plugin. URL Shortener

Google had to introduce a short link act and therefore the solution came when came up with their own provider, that is A shortened URL is also malware and other viruses free and that’s why Google claims that it’s not just one more URL shortener. A great and must integration for WordPress. Checkout Google URL Shortener plugin.

Google Project Hosting

Google Project hosting maintains your online project. It enables you to host projects at zero cost, uses subversion, project wikis, issue tracking, and faculty to showcase developers and projects. Here is the Google Project hosting website.

So now your blog has lots of options to get empowered and that too for free. Google apps are very much scalable and should not increase your blog’s page loading time. Make sure to integrate these services as they are intended to be from the official Google API.