Google categorizes apps on Android Market to make searching easier

The Android Phone Market is growing almost exponentially and as expected, to keep pace, Android developers and enthusiasts are churning out apps too at the Android App Market.

There are almost 200,000 apps available in App market to spice up your Android Phone. But surely you would not want to have all of them nor need them. Moreover the apps are very region specific. Someone in USA might be interested in Twitter while in India Facebook and Orkut are the rage. Similarly gaming choices are very region specific as also person specific.

So Google has come up with the idea of categorizing the apps page to suits user taste. It not only narrows down the choices but also allows the users search and choose more effectively.

Some of the revamped and new features of Android App Market are:

  • Top App Charts: This is region and country specific to suit user choices. The charts include Top Free, Top Paid, Top Grossing. Moreover there are separate charts for newer apps. So if a user has already seen the older apps in these categories they can just switch only to the newer apps. This is automatic filtering at its best.
  • Editor’s Choice: The Editor’s choice is picked by the Android Marketing team and hence is carefully researched based on productivity, ease of use and enjoyment.

editors choice at android app market

  • Trending Apps: How would you want to have the latest hottest app on your mobile phone just to show off your friend. But how to know about it. Instead of googling, just use the trending apps category and behold, Android Market place provides the entire gamut of latest and hottest apps to chose from.

android app market

  • Top Developers: And finally the very people who provide will be given their just dues in the form of an special icon on the website, appearing wherever their name appears. But this will be only for the very best and most productive of developers.

android app market

So what are you waiting for? Start downloading your favorite apps now from Android App Market!