3 Google Chrome Extensions to Share Facebook Images to Google Plus Instantly

I have different audience on Facebook and Google Plus. when I come across a beautiful image on the Facebook and if want to share it to my Google Plus audience I need to download the image from Facebook and upload it to Google Plus. It is a time consuming process each time when I need to share a image from my Facebook to Google Plus profile.

Google Plus has a default option to show the images that you have uploaded to Picasa to your Google Plus image album. Here are some beautiful Chrome extensions which share Facebook images to your Google Plus profile.

1.Add to Picasa

Add to Picasa, a Chrome Extension which shares your Facebook images through a Right Click. When you come across a image in Facebook which you need to share to your Google Plus just right click on the image and hit the option ‘Add image to Picasa Web Album’ then the image would be automatically shared to ‘your Album’ on Google Plus.

Add Image to Picasa


2. CrOS Save

This Extension was named previously as Cloud Save now it has been changed its name to CrOS Save. This extension has various options to save the images on the web to Google Docs, Drop box, Picasa and  many more. It can not only share images from the Facebook to other Cloud Services but also it can share images around the web.

CrOS Save


3.Clip It Good

Clip It GoodClip it Good is another extension for chrome which can share Facebook Photos to your Google Plus Album. After installation of this extension it is shown in the right click of the image. While it is uploading Clip it Good icon is shown on the URL bar of the browser.

All the above three extensions need user to Login to their Google Plus or Picasa account to share photos from the Facebook to Google Plus.