3 Google Chrome Extensions to Share Google+ Posts to Facebook and Twitter

Google+ is the latest Social network where the audience in the Google+ are completely different from the audience in Facebook and Twitter. Before I came to know about the following three Google Chrome’s extensions I was copying and posting the same updates from the Google+ to other Social network websites like Facebook and Twitter one after other. If you too are facing the same situation like me then by installing the following Chrome extensions will help you cross share posts from Google+ to Facebook and Twitter.


SGplus extension shares your posts from Google+ to Facebook and Twitter, this extension brings all your Facebook news feed and Twitter tweets to your Google+ account. After installation of this extension the icon of this extension is added to Chromes address bar. Hit this extension and sign in to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.


After sign in to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, just hit share button below the Google+’s posts,later check the Facebook and Twitter buttons along with the circles to share the post.



Publish sync for Google+ & Facebook

This extension helps you to share your updates from any one site either from Google+ or Facebook or Twitter to any other two sites. After installation of this extension  an icon looking like green leaf is displayed at the top left to Facebook, Google+ and to the Chrome’s navigation bar. Hit it and Login to your Social network accounts(Google+, Facebook and Twitter).

Publish Sync 1

In Google+ besides the share link of the post, Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn buttons are displayed to share with them.

Publish Sync 2

While updating status from Facebook or Twitter or Google+  you can share them to other profiles by selecting them through checkboxes.

Publish Sync 3


Helper for Google+

Helper for Google+ extension adds tweet, Facebook, Translate and Delicious links below the each posts in Google+ profile. After installation of this extension you need to configure to show the links on the Google+ posts. The posts are tweeted to twitter with #googleplus hash tag. You can get the notifications directly to the desktop and +1’d public posts are aggregated to your +1 profile of the Google+ profile.

Helper For Google+

Let me know what you think of them!