Google Chromebook Tech Specs, Announcements, Availability and Pricing Details

The internet giant Google has unveiled Chrome operating system based laptops named as Chromebook.  There is no “fat” operating system to boot neither drivers nor application support files to install. Chromebook is an innovative concept introduced by Google using the power of cloud computing.

All programs and applications in Chromebook will run from the Web. The Chrome operating system shifts day-to-day functions on internet. The Chromebooks operating system mostly looks like Chrome web browser version 9 as the user interface, with app icons in its main window. Google’s purpose is to encourage people to use web-based applications more.


Let’s see the some extraordinary features of Chromebook that the others do not offer.

Software Updates

Chromebook software will get updated automatically which provides more stability and swiftness over time and also removes interrupting dialog boxes.

Online Storage & Access

Users can access their games, applications, pictures, music, documents, videos or any other data any time and where ever required. All your data will be store in the online servers. Therefore there is no need to worry about your data anymore in case you forget to back up data. Avoid buying large capacity hard disk for storiage.

Compatibility And Portability of Data

The Chromebook operating system can sync content with your Windows or Mac based Chrome browser. So user can use any laptop or computer as a substitute to Chromebook. It also let users to select which documents or information and settings will be synced with the browser. However, Chromebook uses offline storage capability to continue apps in favour of HTML5-based Web apps such as Google Docs.

Users can run their traditional apps by using as “Citrix Receiver” which is a desktop virtualization client, and available for Chrome OS. In my knowledge, the Citrix Receiver is broadly used on Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS mobile operating systems; Citrix clients are available for Mac OS X and Windows as well.

System And Security

Chromebook operating system works on the principle of “Defence in-depth” which offer multiple layers of protection, including sandboxing.

By default, all user data has been encrypted on a Chromebook’s internal storage cache. The advanced feature called verified boot enabled by a hardware-based Trusted Protection Module (TPM), which is capable to identify whether a Chromebook has been hacked or not, so consumers can return to the last known safe configuration when booting the Chomebook operating system. So their is no requirement to install any antivirus and its bulky updates.

Chrome 9 Web Browsers

User can share their favorite app or links in one click. Chrome 9 Web Browsers enables fast PDF rendering with the help of new API called WebGL for 3D media. Google claims that his new adaptive compiler called Crankshaft can render pages 50 times faster.

Price, Availability And Specifications

The Chromebooks will be manufacture by Samsung and Acer. The price of the Chromebook will be marked between $349 and $499. Both companies offers different price range, the Samsung basic Wi-Fi model will cost $430 and 3G model will cost you $499. The Acer Chromebooks will starts at $350.

The Google Chromebooks will be available from June 15th in UK, US, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Italy. And soon it will available in other more Countries also. You can order your first Chromebook from Amazon or Best Buy and internationally from all leading sellers.

The Samsung and Acer share the same Intel Atom processor. In Samsung model you will get 12.1 inch (1280×800) Display and 8.5 hours of continuous usage on battery, but Acer offer you  11.6 HD Widescreen CineCrystal LED-backlit LCD and 6 hours of continuous usage on battery.

There is little bit difference in weight; Samsung weights 1.48 Kg and Acer 1.34 Kg due to screen size. However the other hardware specifications are almost same in both, such as: HD Webcam with noise cancelling microphone, Built in dual-band Wi-Fi and World-mode 3G (optional), 2 USB 2.0 ports, 4-in-1 memory card slot,  HDMI port, Full size Chrome keyboard and Oversize fully “clickable” track pad.

Watch Chromebook in action here



  1. Since the notebook will have a memory card slot, you will be able to store your documents on something other than The Cloud.

    P.S. I came across several grammatical errors that stopped me in my path. Careful writing puts the reader at ease, engenders confidence, and allows for a smoother reading experience.

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