Google now needs your help in fighting scrapper sites

Ever since Google released the Panda Update to its search algorithm, many individually run blogs found their Google search traffic crashing. This update was intended to make some major changes to page indexing and search algorithm techniques of its search engine, and the idea was to weed out the content scrapper websites from the results.

While the objectives were indeed noble and were designed to reduce rankings for low-quality sites, what happened in many cases was exactly the opposite. Good quality blogs started ranking much lower in Google’s search results. Our The Windows Club website too was badly hit!

Since then Google has been rolling out minor updates to it and I think the latest update rolled out was Panda 2.4. With every update they are introducing improvements (or fixes?) to their algorithm.

While Google may not want to acknowledge it, maybe they have realized that something has gone wrong somewhere and they are trying to fix it.

But Google is now seeking your help to find out what, if anything, did go wrong!

Google is testing algorithmic changes for scraper sites (especially blog scrapers). We are asking for examples, and may use data you submit to test and improve our algorithms.

So if you see a scrapper site ranking higher than the original website, you can report to Google here.

If your website or blog has been affected adversely by the Panda Update, you might want to check out some of these generally-good-housekeeping tips to try and recover from the Panda Update.

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