Google introduces Google Play to replace Android Market

In a surprise move on Tuesday, the search giant, Google announced that Android market is being renamed as Google Play, which will comprise movies, books, games and other entertainment factors for Smartphones, tablets as well as for desktops.

Google has designed a whole new look for Google Play to make it much easier for customers to navigate through the vast range of games, applications, movies and music files. The Google Play will be available from today and anyone having device sporting Android 2.2 or any higher version can make use of it.


The Google Play is built similar to iCloud which has thousands of applications, music files, movies and books hosted for all the Apple users. So now you can use the Google Play on any device having said versions of Android. The launch of Google Play is an attempt from Google to counter the growing influence of iTunes which is an online store for all the Apple devices and also to grab the early market share as Microsoft is about to launch its Windows store which will contain apps for all the devices including tablets, Smartphone and desktops along with Windows 8. The time Google choose was more than perfect as Apple has invited press for showing some “private parts” on March 7, i.e. today!

With Google Play you can do lot of things; some of them are:

  • Wade through the world’s largest store of eBooks
  • Store up to 20,000 songs online for free
  • Buy music online with more than millions of new tracks to choose from
  • Download and use applications as Google Play has collection of more than 450, 000 apps and games

To celebrate the launch of Google Play, company is offering special discount for next 7 days under offer “7 days to play”. Under this Google will be offering different products each day at special price. In U.S. today’s offering include popular game “Where’s My Water”, collection of top 40 hits “That’s What I call Music 41”, one movie named “Puncture” and a novel “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” at a mere price of 25 cents each.

In addition to this, many other apps, novels and music collections are available at discounted rates. Though Google is offering many new services along with Google Play, not all services will be offered to customers outside U.S. For most of them, Google Play will be the just new place for Android applications.

So what is your opinion about Google Play? Will it work magic or will it be a failure? Let us know through comments.