Google launches Google+ pages for business

Finally, Google has started to let businesses set shops on its Google+ social network. Google has created Google+ pages, a place where the business people can add their own content so that the customers can relate with them.


Google+ rivals Facebook and Twitter have known this fact for some time that corporate accounts are a key to the life of social networks. Businesses want to connect directly to their customers. And the customers reciprocate by showering their affection on the brands of their likings, especially if those companies come up with freebies via their social networks.

Since the launch of Google+ in June, corporate houses have tried to establish their presence on the site. In order to develop consumer services Google actually shut down non individual user accounts in the early days of Google+. A week later, Google began testing corporate accounts after thousands upon thousands of businesses applied tom, be guinea pigs for the services.

On Google+ Pages, businesses can start sharing information about themselves, and invite customers to chat with them over the service’s Hangouts videoconferencing technology or begin conversations by simply asking questions seeking feedback. Already, the service has companies such as Macy’s, Pepsi, Toyota, and H&M using the service.

What’s more, Google is baking Google+ pages into the search.

Google is pushing Google+ Pages for all sorts of organization that may have fans. Some early adopters include the CNN program “Anderson Cooper 360,” the Dallas Cowboys, and the band train. The Muppets also have their own Google+ page and will be launching a Hangout.

And not surprisingly, 17 Google units have launched their own Google+ pages including YouTube, Gmail and Android.