Google launches Google Wallet and Google Offers

Yesterday, Google launched another service named as Google Wallet and Google Offers which will totally change the way of your shopping. It could be the another big thing in commerce and would be used in each and every part of this world within few years. Google Wallet is a virtual wallet which is connected with your credit card and is operated via smart phone.

Its basically an Android application for your Android phone which works as a wallet, but right now its not available to run on all the phones. Running Google Wallet requires NFC chip integrated into your device as of the Google Nexus S 4G. Many devices already have this chip while some of the upcoming devices will be surely getting this, there’s no luck for old devices owners.

This mobile payment system is currently supported only in USA that too in limited stores with partners like Citi Bank, MasterCard and First Data. Stores accepting Google Wallet payments are Subway, American Eagle, Macy’s and American Outfitters.

Not only for mobile payment, but Google Wallet also allows you to store your ID’s, keys, passwords which even a Symbian does plus it also offers you to get your tickets as well as boarding pass.

Google offers is based on Google Wallet, if you make a purchase using the Wallet you will receive special points or discount coupons that can be used at later times but depending upon the store of your purchase. Right now Google Offers is available in only few cities of USA.

Check Google’s official link for Wallet to know how it works and is it available in your city?

Still in testing mode, Google Wallet will be developed on a stable release in couple of months. Till then all bugs regarding in app will be removed and more and more devices will be coming up with NFC chip in it.