Google Launches Nexus Q – A revolutionary Media Streaming Player to Challenge Apple TV

Google is challenging Apple in every department it seems – The Application store, Mobile Operating system, Tablets and in the entertainment accessories. Google today announced Nexus Q – a media streaming player that will be challenging Apple TV. The dome shaped gadget looks completely as an Alien object. It is spherical, black and with a LED strip at the center. What’s more important is the functionality it has which literally opens up a new frontier to how we have been playing music and media up to now.

Nexus Q is all in one entertainment power house which streams your music and videos directly from the cloud. This Android powered computer has all the three elements that is – hardware, software and the Cloud closely assembled. The company’s futuristic computer on this dome can outplay Apple’s TV with its demanding features.

Google Nexus Q Specifications:

  1. Nexus Q has the power supported by dual ARM Cortex A9 CPU
  2. Wi-Fi and LAN Ethernet for Internet connectivity
  3. NFC (Near Field Communication) and Bluetooth for connecting remote devices
  4. Audio Jacks – Banana Jack for direct connection to the speakers
  5. Micro HDMI (Type D)
  6. Inbuilt 25W Amplifier
  8. 16GB NAND flash memory
  9. Micro AB USB (for service and support)

Google Nexus Q Features

This device has load of features under its belt that makes it one of the most favorite and reliable, they are:

  1. It connects with almost every Google services – Android, Youtube, Google Cloud, Google Play and more. Just by using an Android app on your phone or a tablet you can synch with Nexus Q.
  2. Nexus Q is believed to be the first social streaming media player, which allows many people to play songs, HD movies and share photos to this device without any specific settings.
  3. Nexus Q has a state of the art, audiophile-grade amplifier built in so you can hook your speakers right up, or use an optical or HDMI cable to connect Nexus Q to your AV receiver or HDTV.
  4. Nexus Q has 32 LEds around the outer surface which changes its color with change in functionality.

The dome is touch sensitive, just by a gentle touch mutes this device. The upper half can rotate to adjust volume as well. With the integrations with almost every device Google offers, makes it most pleasing.

You can pre-order for Nexus Q and accessories straight from Google Play Store now. Nexus Q has been priced at $299 and will start shipping from mid-July.

official product website.

Google Nexus Q Accessories

  • Triad Bookshelf Speakers – Compact bookshelf speakers designed to optimize the sound quality of Nexus Q. Made in the USA by Triad Speakers.
  • Speaker Cables for Nexus Q – High fidelity stereo speaker cables with banana plugs to connect Nexus Q to your speakers. Tailored cable lengths fit the unique shape of Nexus Q.

Buy accessories for Google Play Store.

Watch Google Nexus Q in action

Google Nexus Q Image Gallery

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