No More Google Maps as Apple Plans To come up with Its Own 3D Maps in iOS 6

WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) 12 scheduled for June is going to come up with the 6th version of iOS, named iOS 6. Expected to come with all new features and new integration, iOS 6 could be the next and most powerful mobile operating system. Google and Apple always try to compete against each other in every possible aspect. This time the war has reached a new level.

Since the release of first iPhone in 2007, Apple always relied on Google maps for providing location based services on its iDevices. Sources and confirmations from 9to5Mac said that this time Apple is going to ditch Google maps and instead use its own 3D maps in iOS 6.

Apple has already purchased technology and software from Placebase, C3 Technologies, and Poly9 back in October. C3 Technologies is one of the most advanced providers of 3D mapping. It  provides; 2D maps, satellite images and also street-level photography. So, it’s already known that 3D maps in iOS 6 will be one of the new revamped feature.

iOS 6 will take the location services on iDevices to a whole new level. Right from the app icon to the interface of the app, Maps app will undergo complete revamp. The new design is expected to bring much more accuracy for the location services. The new interface for the Maps will be provided with a ‘3D’ button which will bring 3D view of streets, buildings and landscapes.

Apple will try to eliminate all the limitations and drawbacks found in Google maps to make maps experience even better. C3 technologies are also well known for 3D models, streets and interior panoramas. A blend of three together on a iDevice will make a much more detailed graphical path for finding the way.

We are all excited for iOS 6 release. A pack of new and unique features is coming next month at the Apple World Wide Developers Conference 2012, stay tuned.