Google Nexus 4G – Detailed, Tech Specs, Impressions

Recently we spotted a new phone from Google Nexus family, firstly I thought it was Google Nexus 3 since it was the 3rd phone from the Nexus family. But just few weeks later from that day, today we got the details of the phone  and it is all new Google Nexus 4G.

According to reports, Google Nexus 4G will feature the upcoming Android 2.4 (Ice cream sandwich) which will be coming this fall. Ice cream is medieval version of Gingerbread and Honeycomb specially designed to run on both smart phones as well as tablets instead of two different operating systems for each of them. Due to this Nexus 4G is designed without physical buttons, nor capacitive. This is what gave us the hint to the ice cream sandwich.

Regarding the hardware BGR reports extra ordinary hardware specifications. Since Nexus S hit the market wrong time, Google powered Nexus 4G with dual core CPU and Yes, Nexus 4G will be powered by dual core CPU clocked at 1.2GHz or 1.5GHz which won’t be Tegra 2 but could be OMAP or 28nm Snapdragon CPU.

The screen will be monster sized supporting 720p resolution and as we said without any physical button. 1GB RAM is expected after considering the CPU. The camera seems to be weak 5mp, not that weak but since the phone will be coming out this year end 5mp seems really low as next generation phones have started getting 8mp cameras already. The front facing camera will be 1mp, which is also quite low. The rear camera is supposed to capture HD 1080 clippings and playback them. This will be quite poor on a sheer 5mp camera.

Being a next generation phone 4G network support is must. BGR reports, it will be coming with 4G LTE. That’s not what we thought as LTE network will be no more actively used next year due to stable 4G release.

Nexus 4G will be arriving this year end, may be till thank’s giving, there’s no official announcement from Google. It’s just a leaked source news. Thank’s BGR.

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