Google Nexus Q vs Apple TV – Which one is better?

Google at its I/O Conference for developers held this Wednesday introduced and unveiled a number of their upcoming technologies like Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Nexus 7 and Project Glass. Amongst the unveiling’s Google introduced us to their brand new media streaming device called the Google Nexus Q which seems to be a direct competition to the Apple TV.

So does Google’s latest offering the Google Nexus Q have enough punch to take on its chief competitor Apple TV? Read on to find the answer.

Both the Google Nexus Q and Apple TV are basically small computers that are connected to your television and stream media content from the Internet. So let’s start comparing both of them starting with the exterior looks.

While some may say that the Google Nexus looks like a magic 8 ball, we think it straight away looks like a gizmo from the future. The black body and the 32 LEDs that form a ring around the Nexus Q give it a nice clean futuristic look. The Apple TV’s design on the other hand is refined, elegant and minimalistic with a simple square box with rounded edges design.

On the content front, the Google Nexus Q streams media content from the cloud. All you have to do is tap your Android device to Google Nexus Q for the streaming to commence.  Google Play and YouTube apps give the user access to a whole lot of movies, music and TV shows, etc. Visiting friends can also stream, share and play their music with the Google Nexus Q by using their Android tablet or phone.  Google Nexus Q can accommodate a number of Android devices at once to stream media thereby making a Social Media Hub. On its own a single user might find him/her tied up with a limited number of resources (YouTube and Google Play) from which he can stream content.

Apple on the other hand with its Apple TV literarily provides an entertainment powerhouse. The Apple TV can play content from not only iTunes and iCloud but also from a host of other services like YouTube, Netflix, Flickr, NBA, MLB, NHL, WSJ Live, vimeo, etc. Users can also stream media content residing on their computer or iPhone or iPad by using Apple’s AirPlay. Airplay simply enhances the productivity of Apple TV by wirelessly streaming photos, movies, games, etc from any of your iOS device. Thus even on his/her own the user a whole lot of areas from where he can stream content.

Another important thing to note is that though Google says Nexus Q will be compatible with Android devices running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, currently the Nexus Q is compatible with only Android 4.1 JellyBean which is yet to be deployed on tablets and smartphones. So certainly you might have to wait for a while. On the other hand Apple devices have no compatibility issues with Apple TV.

On the wireless connectivity front the Nexus Q supports, Bluetooth, NFC and Wi-Fi whereas Apple TV has just Wi-Fi connectivity. Hence on the wireless connectivity front the Nexus Q is a clear winner.

Although the Google Nexus Q seems to be an alluring buy there are a few things that do not work its favor when compared with Apple TV. Firstly, on the Power Supply front, the Google Nexus Q uses a 35 watt power supply where as the Apple TV uses a mere 6 watt power supply. Next, the sphere design of the Nexus Q makes it difficult to fit in small places. Apple TV on the other hand with its compact dimensions and box like design enables it to be stowed even in the smallest of the places. Last but not the least is the price. The Google Nexus Q is available for US$ 299 where as the Apple TV is available for US$ 99.

Google Nexus Q vs Apple TV – Verdict

Though the Google Nexus Q impresses us in few ways it still lacks software and apps support. At the present the Google Nexus Q is a far fetched media streaming device.  The Apple TV on the other hand provides with a wide spectrum of content all thanks to the various apps for it thereby making it the right media streaming device as per today’s requirements.

So if you are a social person having parties every other night or one who loves to share media with your friends then the Google Nexus Q is the right choice for you. However if you are looking for an all round performer then the Apple TV is certainly the best out there.