Google+ vs Orkut – Quick Comparison of Social Networks

Google is the most popular website in the world and it has announced the launch of its new social networking website Google+. This is mainly designed to overcome the failure of its previous services like Google Buzz, Google Wave and the partially failed Orkut.

Orkut is fast losing its user base because most of its users moved to Facebook but it is still ranked 11th in Brazil and 17th in India, which means it still has users who are using it, whereas, Google Plus already has millions of members in it and its growing quickly.

Comparison of Google Plus vs Orkut:

Google+ has many special features that make it unique from other social networking sites. Users can personalize Circle- their list of friends and stream news feed which helps in balancing the personal and professional life. This enables you to share information only which you want to share with them and separate circles can be made for your work place, family, friends etc.

Orkut also makes your social life fun and easy but there is no option for separate circles. Both social networks enables you can chat with your friends, find old friends, share photos, join communities related to your interests and more.

Google+ has a unique inimitable feature Hangout; which enables video based group chat with your selected group from the circles. Up to 10 members can join it, all on one screen. To start Hangout, click on Welcome button on your home tab while Orkut lacks this video chat feature it has only text chat and scrap book.

Users can find different areas of your interests such as entertainment, sports and music etc. It also allows users to pin particular topics which they are searching to the Sparks dashboard for quick access and can also share articles with a share button on the bottom of every article. Orkut has an integrate GTalk which enables chatting and file sharing with friends, family. Google Plus has lice chat and group video chat.

Google+ fills the screen with matching articles, news and videos from all over the Web while the Orkut’s home screen is pretty boring. However, many experts posted their point of view regarding Goolge Plus as SEO players area.

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