Google Play Games leaks a few days before Google I/O

Game lovers get ready to rejoice because the details of Google Play Games were leaked recently in an APK Tear Down by the nice folks at Android Police. The details have been leaked just a few days before the Google I/O Conference to be held in San Francisco, where Google is expected to make a gaming related announcement. Newer components in store were revealed through a pre-release version of Google Play Services v 3.1.36 APK.

Play Games screenshots

Features such as syncing to the cloud, high scores and leader boards and multiplayer functionality might see its debut in the official announcement, as revealed by the outcomes of the teardown. Some pretty nifty functions such as in-game chats, achievements, matchmaking and invites are also expected to be incorporated.

It is expected to have a deep integration with the Google+ social network allowing the players to share their scores, display their feats and invite their friends to a multiplayer game. The cloud game save will allow you to resume your game from across different devices. The Play Games green controller shaped icon was also revealed giving a solid evidence that we are very close to the official Android counterpart to Apple gaming center.

Google Play Games

The folks at Android Police were nice enough to let us know that the settings app for “Play Games” works but a lot of stuff does not. They further added that more details will come in Part 2 of of teardown including all non-gaming stuff. You can read Android Police teardown here and stay tuned for the second part as well.

A lot of the details are still unanswered such as its availability, compatibility and pricing. There is still a lot of doubts related to whether and how the developers will be allowed to bring their own games to this platform or will it be Google’s own games. We will get to see it clarified at the official Google I/O in three days. Keep following us for more such news related to phones, tablets, computers and gadgets.