Google Play Store unveils a redesigned version for Web inspired by Android

Google Play Store for the web has received a massive revamp to offer a better experience to the users. Google Play Store is the official marketplace for apps, books, movies and much more for your Android device. The new interface is inspired by Android and employs the use of cards and white space, which was rolled out in an announcement in April.


Navigation for your content has been moved to the left hand side in a column. You can explore apps, movies, books and devices along with an option for ‘My Wishlist’ and ‘Redeem gift card.’ The Home page brings recommended content like movies, apps, games and categories like Top 100 books, Actor highlights etc. focus on niche and high performing content. Everything is more or less in the form of cards.

When you click on a card for anything, say an app, you will view its install button and an “Add to Wishlist!” button on top. Columns and tabs for app versions, what’s new, changelog etc. are gone. Below that you see a gallery of big screenshots and description. It is followed by reviews and ‘What’s new’ (change log) features along with Additional Information. Similar and More from Developer at the bottom concludes the typical page for any app.


The Search feature also allows the users to filter their search across different categories. One of the main disadvantages is that the embedded YouTube videos and featured graphics can no longer be seen. In addition to the above changes, Google Books also received a nifty update. It has been visually enhanced for discovery and includes refined genres and a better eBook discovery.

The entire redesign is centered on the focus of putting essential data at users’ disposal and aiding them with more information before buying content. The navigation has gotten simpler and faster than before. We advise you to check out the new visually appealing interface for yourself. Google also refreshed its Android app some time back. Regular refreshes like these will keep users engaged in the platform and will help Google in keeping customers from wandering to competitors Windows Phone and iOS, both of which have very well designed app stores and interfaces for themselves.

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