Google Play Store redesigned with card-based UI, available now

Over the last few weeks, there have been many rumors regarding the Google Play redesign and just last week, there was a leaked screenshot of Google Play Store 4.0. Google has confirmed the update that it is real and it is rolling out now to all Android phones and devices having Android 2.2 or above. Google expects the roll-out to be complete for all global users in the next few weeks.

Smartphone redesign

The latest redesign updates the Play Store to better align and fit with Android devices and features. The old shabby UI is replaced with neat card-based interface that uses big images and relies on simplicity of design. The new redesigned Google Play will also group together similar themed content to make the discovery of content and services easier. The checkout experience also got a facelift to make purchasing or renting content and apps easier.

In Google’s own words, “The new design focuses on bigger images that jump off the page. Similarly themed content is grouped together so you can hone in on a magazine to read or an app to try. As you move down the page, new recommendations continue to appear so there is always more to see and explore. We’ve also simplified purchasing so you can breeze through checkout and get to enjoy your movie rental or other content.”

GPlay tablet redesign

Google has also announced that it removed around 60,000 sub-par quality apps from its Google Play Store in February 2013, which clearly indicated that Google has started to stress on quality as well as on appearance. The phones and the 7 inch tablets have a similar redesign appearance but the 10 inch tablets with bigger display real-estate has been used more efficiently.

There is no redesign for the web version at the moment but we expect it will be getting the revamp soon, possibly in Google I/O 2013. Some lucky folks must have got the update by now but due to the huge amount of load on servers, Google says it will take a few weeks before the global rollout is complete. You can read the official announcement here on Google Android Blog. So have you received the update or are you waiting eagerly to get your hands on it? Let us know about your thoughts regarding the new Play Store in the comments below.