Download G+ Notifier, a Google+ Desktop Notifier for Windows

Google+ has been the most in-demand social networking site these days. With the emergence of new features along with some exciting features of Facebook and Twitter, Google+ is expecting to be a huge success and will live for long years in the social network market.

Nowadays people are more often checking up their Google+ account for notifications and unread messages. Today we bring you a tool for Windows called G+ Notifier It gives you balloon notifications in your task bar notification area about the activity taking place in your Google+ account.

What it Does

As far this application is concerned, it is in the development stage and will be adding more features as soon as possible. Currently it only shows the number of unread messages from the Google+ acocunt of an individual in the notifying area. When the user double-clicks on it, it will automatically lauch a new tab or window and will open up Google+ account to display all of the un notified messages.

How it works

As far the API is concerned, there is no such key for Google+, this powerful application uses the framework of Awesomium Web-Browser where you will be notified to login to Google+ at the startup in order to access the G+ Notifier. The browser window will always act as a hideen toll but will still count the number of notifications and display on the corner of the page.

Future Expectations

The G+ notifer has promised to make the avialability of the following features in real time.

  • Easier-updating (prompt user, then update automatically)
  • Change to official Google+ API (when available)
  • Translate into other languages
  • Easy installer package (ClickOnce?)
  • Settings to lauch success
  • Browser to launch (inc. Chrome application mode)
  • Polling frequency &¬† Run at Startup

Download & Installation

You can download the latest version of G+ Notifier and extract into a folder (eg. “My Documents\G+ Notifier”). An important thing to note here is that it should not be extracted to Programming Files, because its a read-only application. Run the file DanTup.GPlusNotifier.exe to start the application and get your Google+ notification on your screen Notifying area.


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