Google To Replicate Game Center with a Native Android App

The latest from the rumor store says Google’s interest lies in developing a social gaming network for Android like Game Center on iOS. Why? Lack of an integrated gaming hub is blocking the gaming market on Android.

Apple’s iOS devices already have access to Game Center, an app that consolidates all the gaming apps and leaderboards together for iOS users in a very organized way. On the other hand, Google, the search giant relies more on third-party solutions provided by Gameloft and OpenFeint. But not anymore! Google is gearing up to provide a similar Game Center hub for Android.

Google’s Game Center for Android:

Like Apple’s Game Center, Google’s version is expected to feature an achievement system which will give people awards and trophies for doing certain things in games. Also it will have leaderboards which will rank players against their friends and a friend finder option that will help players find more online friends.

What is not clear at this point is whether the friend-finding app would rely on Google+, the search giant’s social network or some other services. Given Larry Page’s emphasis on making products interconnected, It wouldn’t be surprising if Google+ integration finds its way into Android’s upcoming gaming hub.

I think Google has started to really understand needs and wants of its mobile users. Personally, I believe the step from Google will not only help it compete against Apple in the mobile gaming space but also draw in bigger and better games and more independent game developers towards it as this issue has been bothering Google for quite some time now.

Lastly, one more area where Google hasn’t been feeling shy at all in mimicking Apple is fixing payment system for Google Play. As you might know Google Play is an online store where players buy Android games and other apps. Changes that will be introduced in payment  system of Google Play  in not-so-distant future will make your experience of buying games from Google Play as smooth as buying them in the App Store.

I, therefore welcome the change from Google. What about you? Any thoughts? Let us know them in the comments section below!