Google Search to Get Encrypted Soon by default

Who doesn’t know Google? It is perhaps one of the most famous and well-known companies. The company is always known for its hunger for newness of products and services, let it be recently announced Android 4.0’ features like barometer, Face Recognition for unlocking the Cell Phone or Google for Doodle, a Service which honors various events and people from all over the world and change its usual logo with specially designed logo.

 Google For Doodle logo

One of the recent announcement made by company proved to be no exception to its tradition of newness. The company has declared that in next few weeks, it will start providing Google search in encrypted form (using SSL protocol) for users signing in with their accounts to search. This new moves wasn’t unexpected as, Google’s email service, Gmail already comes with a secure connection settings by default now.

In a recent blog post, Google’s product manager Evelyn Kao explained,

‘as search is becoming an increasingly customized experience, we recognize the growing importance of protecting the personalized search results we deliver. This new encryption will be most useful for people using Google over unsecured internet connection.’

In next few weeks, all the users who have signed in while searching, will be redirected towards secured page and those who have signed out or don’t have an account too, can navigate to secured page manually.

 Google logo

Any website visited by any user using secured Google, will know that user has arrived but will not get any information about individual query, instead companies can obtain list of top 1000 aggregated queries which drove traffic to their site using Google Webmaster tools. If a user clicks on any advertisement appearing on Search Result Page, the browser will still send the relevant query over the internet to measure campaign effectiveness and take appropriate measures.

Currently, Google search using secure connection is available on all the search services of Google except maps. Kao also said that the searches made using secure connection will be a fraction slower as user’s computer first will have to make a secure connection with server.