Google Smartwatch plans leak as it applies for touch sensitive Wristband patent

Analysts say 1.2 million Smartwatches will be sold this year and Google is certainly bent on having a good chunk of that. An image of a new watch-like device patented by Google has been revealed by Engadget. The device is believed to perform many related functions. Whether this will actually be a Smartwatch or not and whether it will be released commercially or not remains to be seen but Google is certainly on steroids when it comes to wearable technology.

Google Smartwatch

The US Patent and Trademark Office patent entitles the device as “Smart-watch with user interface features.” It is a the Smartwatch with UI on its dial as well as a wristband. There are touchpads on either side of its display faces. In the words of its patent, it can be used to “pinch, stretch and scroll on a platform with limited space available for user input.”

Here are some other tidbits decoding the patent for the Smartwatch:

  • The wristband will be removable, which means that the touchpad is just another module that can be replaced at will
  • The wristband will also include a voltage line, which means it might accept gesture or touch inputs

This is not the first time that the Mountain View giant has applied for such a patent. Last year it received a similar patent for an augmented reality device. Google has also revealed its wearable augmented reality device Google Glass a few weeks earlier for developers. Google entering the Smartwatch market might not mean that they will club together the development teams of Google Glass and Google Smartwatch, although clubbing together of those two devices to share information is having a better chance of coming true.

Smartwatch Concept

Everything said and seen, this is just a patent application. There is no confirmation of when it will be passed and if it will go into production soon. We have seen Google at its best in wearable technology with Google Glass, so if Google is cooking up the recipe for a Smartwatch, it might not be far off into the future.

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