Google to help expand Internet access in Africa

Google is helping to expand Internet access in Africa, the world’s poorest continent, laying the groundwork for revenue growth, said Joe Mucheru, the company’s head for sub-Saharan Africa.

Google is investing in infrastructure, creating search pages in local languages and helping universities adapt their curriculum to changing technology across Africa, Mucheru said in a phone interview on May 2 from Nairobi.

“It’s more about getting more people on the Internet,” he said. “At the moment revenue is not our focus. In the next few years, we could be looking at revenue.” Africa, with about 1 billion people, has 15 percent of the world’s population and only 2 percent of its Internet users, Mucheru said, citing figures from the International Telecommunications Union.

While Google’s revenue from the continent isn’t “a significant number,” the company sees a good investment opportunity in helping close the gap and getting more people to use the company’s products, said Mucheru.

Africa has about 1 billion people and only 2 percent are Internet users, according to the International Telecommunications Union.  Google sees a good investment opportunity in getting more people to use the company’s products, reports Brothersoft.