Is Google+ worth the hype?

As I write this post, I have my Google+ homepage open in the background and yes, I am tempted to compare it with its proclaimed competitor-Facebook. My thoughts “Google+ sucks big time!”. Its been more than a minute and I still wait for a simple notification to open up. If you intend to post a status update, you need to undergo the harassment of selecting which circle will be able to view it everytime.

Ohh!! Forgot about Circles, the only thing which I like in Google+, not the concept but the UI where it extends as a bubble and seduces you to add up more ‘Friends’. And when you want to share something, be it a photo, link or just a few words, you will be asked to specify the circles you wanna share with.

Sparks is where you end up following stuff based on your interest. But do you actually get what interests you? When I entered ‘Windows Phone 7’ in the Spark search bar, I got Google search results (carefully selected ones). Not what I was expecting!

Hangout is one cool feature which allows you to ‘hang-out’ over a video, place etc. Similar to Gmail, You can instantly chat with your Gmail contacts if online. But when it comes to say Google+ as a competitor to Facebook, all I can say is Google+ is miles away.

Though I was one of the early users to have registered with Google+ informing that this period is for testing process, I dont think Google is going to introduce some path breaking features later in the final version than from what are at present.

The ‘Buzz’ on the ‘Wave’ soon fizzled out; as people try to ‘Or-cut’ the ‘+’ from Google.


  1. I just saw some public profiles on this site and I don’t think it’s worth the hype at all. Seems too much like a popularity contest. Lame. I mean, really? The Top 100 Most Popular Google+ users by friends? Oh, and you can follow them, too? Stupid, I say. Also, it seems like some people don’t even go by their real name on there. That’s what made MySpace suck in the end. I like Facebook because I like knowing who I’m talking about. So, is Google+ really just the hide out for people who have the most to hide?

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