Google’s Flight Search Feature now Comes to Mobile Browsers

After acquiring a flight info software company (ITA Software) in 2010, Google added a new category to for searching results related to domestic U.S flights. The Flight Searchfeature however was limited to desktops desktops only, until now.

Google was working hard for a long time to make it easy for finding flight results directly from on mobile too. And the result paid off! So, from now onwards Google users will also be able to find flights departing from the US on their mobile device.

Now, when you will search for flights between different places, on your mobile you will notice a table which will display available flights including duration and prices. The table will offer you the option to adjust dates on the page or click any flight to further research and book your trip.

To great extent, the new flight feature will prove useful for users who prefer portability. The feature on mobile browser promises many benefits as on desktop but with more ease.

Flight Search highlights:

  • Simple list of convenient flights – Displays an easy-to-scan list where a user can enter his destination and search flight results related to it. Results update instantly if you change the date or destination.
  • Explore travel options – If you aren’t sure where you want to travel, just type in your departure city and discover places to go on a map. You can also check ticket prices for various destinations and filter them by airline or flight duration
  • Find low prices – To check if travelling on a different date will require you to pay fewer prices, drag the date picker forward or back, or check out the bar chart.

Note that Flight Search feature cannot process your ticket purchase, but collect valueable data only. The feature is available on Android and iOS devices. To learn more about the Flight Search feature, read tips here.

To use Flight Search feature, simply type a flight-related search into Google then click “Flights” on the left hand side of your search results page.

Within seconds you will be able to explore air travel options for a number of cities, and plan your trip with just few clicks of the mouse.