Grablet: A Must Have Apple iPad Accessory

The iPad is a great tablet. Its sheer size and weight make it a superb portable computing device. With just 8 mm thickness it is amongst the thinnest tablets available in the market. However at this thickness there are chances that your iPad may fall off if you do not have a firm grip over it.

Most of the iPad cases do not help either in such situations as they are simply too stiff and uncomfortable to hold and simultaneously work with the iPad. Nonetheless there is a new iPad accessory on the block which will enable you to use your iPad with ease without worrying of it slipping from your hands.

The Grablet is not a protective case for the iPad. It is simply an accessory for the iPad that enables the user to conveniently hold the iPad and work with it simultaneously. The Grablet helps you hang, strap or hold your iPad. The Grablet straps itself to the iPad securely and with its cushioned strap at the rear helps you hold the iPad in a much convenient way than with other iPad cases. The Grablet is extremely easy to setup and use.

Priced at a modest US$ 40, the Grablet is one of the most versatile and useful iPad accessories that you can buy. You no longer need to spend your hard earned money in buying mounting stands to hold up your iPad. Instead all you have to do is strap the Grablet onto your iPad and you are ready to hang or strap or hold your iPad.

The Grablet comes with adjustable straps that help in accommodating different hand sizes. The Grablet is extremely light weight and you never come to know it’s even there while holding the iPad with the hand strap.  The Grablet is available in a wide range of colors so that you can find your favourite one and strap it onto the iPad.

The Grablet without a doubt is a great iPad accessory.