Five great FTP clients for Linux

An FTP client is a piece of software that you run on a computer. It connects to an FTP Server for downloading or uploading files. There are many different clients for Windows, Linux and Mac, some of them even being cross platform. For Linux, here’s a list of five great FTP clients!


A brand name as per FTP is concerned, this one is very popular among Windows users too. Clocking at over 10MB, this one is not very lightweight compared to others in this test. The file download was perfect and there were no glitches. The application is fast and simple, you can copy paste the link to the ftp site and press Enter and the site opens up in seconds! As easy as pie!


gFTP is a very tiny client for Linux. It was the fastest amongst all tested here. The setup was easy and short and the application loaded in no time! Besides, gFTP also supports copy-paste and many of the advanced features like proxies too. So, if you are interested in small and simple client, gFTP is for you!


This client lacks copy-paste feature, making it a bit tougher! Transfer rates were acceptable, more than Filezilla but less than gFTP. It also supports proxies. Try it only if you are a professional.


It’d be wrong to call it a FTP client. First of all it doesn’t have a GUI. It runs through the command line. To get cURL to work, type in terminal the command in the form curl

In my opinion, it wasn’t the fastest among all. Well, not slow either but gFTP easily surpassed it!


FireFTP is a Firefox extension, a cross platform extension. The extension works fine with less load times and good speed, all what a user can demand. It too, supports Copy-paste feature.

With all things at hand and tested, I’ll recommend gFTP to all who want speed and small size and FireFTP to those who don’t want any extra application on their PC!

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