How green is the Apple iPad?

Apple has launched iPad in 2010 and they have sold more than 55 million units of Apple iPad since then. It made it the one undefeated king of the tablet market. And being worldwide leader in something brings the greater responsibilities.

The biggest concern world is facing is the increasing pollution. Producing devices in such a large number takes a lot of energy and resources. So, let’s find out how green is the Apple iPad?

Apple have taken serious measures to make iPad more environment friendly but it is not enough to control the damage done by it to the environment but it’s greener than its other competitors out in the market.

The body of Apple iPad is made of fully recyclable aluminum and glass. The screen of iPad is made of arsenic free glass and mercury free LCD. It uses 2.5 watt of power to run (1/5th of the power required to light a fluorescent bulb) which makes it environment friendly.

One Apple iPad emits 180 Kg of Co2e in its lifetime starting 67% while in production, 25% by customer use, 6% in transportation and 2% in recycling it.

The new iPad is less eco-friendly as compared to its previous versions. The greenhouse gas emission by iPad 1 was 130Kg Co2e, iPad 2 was 105Kg Co2e but the new iPad emits 180Kg of Co2e which is way more than older iPads. When you average out the emissions from all 55 million iPads sold (7,590,000 kg CO2), it equals the emissions of 1.2 million cars in one year.

The new iDataCenter is a dirty job done by Apple and hurting the environment a lot. So, to make it eco-friendly by using clean power, Apple is building a 100 acre solar facility to power their massive iDataCenter.

Let’s take a look to the infographic below, created by, breaks down the environmental footprint of the new iPad. The data is based on research compiled by the company.

How green is the Apple iPad ?


Image courtesy: Sortable.