Green Computing Tips for Greener Environment

Our ecological balance depends a lot on energy consumption. So all consumers, including computer users (both professionals and casual) are now looking to adopt Eco-friendly ways for making this planet a better place to live .


Computer users can reduce negative impact of computing on global energy resources by using the following tips:

Always Switch-off your PC, when not in use!

Never forget to turn-off your computer overnight or whenever your work is over. This is perhaps the most useful and logical way to save energy. Remember, you can easily contribute in creating a green planet by doing this.

Vampire Power – Many computers or monitors, even when you switch them off, can consume power from the spike strip they are connected to. Therefore always remember to turn off the power of the strips, or other connectors which you are using.

Avoid Screensavers – Never believe that screen-savers can save power or can keep your monitors in good health. They originally consume more power than monitors that are allowed to get dimmed out when not working.

Live Paperless

Yes it’s not only possible but easy also. You really don’t need papers when you own a computer, laptop, or even a mobile device. You can easily find methods to carry on with your needs without paper when you put them in your computer or mobile phones. This way you can save thousands of plants and lives which are necessary to maintain the balance of our eco-system.

Green Computing for Printers


Please avoid unnecessary printing to save papers and ink. Use printers of same pedigree in your office to facilitate recycling. Say, for example if you are using 20 laser printer with similar features, then you can easily replace one’s parts with the other. Then you don’t have to condemn the whole machine. Thus, you can easily save money and encourage re-use.

Discourage Recycling of Toner Cartridges

Well, some spoke about use of recycled toner cartridges. This is obviously a cost-effective method but there are some issues with it. This can lead to paper wastage, deterioration in quality of printers, leakage problems etc.

However, the most alarming fact is that recent researches revealed that recycled toner cartridges can add carcinogenic particles in the air and cause cancer. So be careful and never encourage such use.

Do I Really Need Large Screen?


Check out whether you really need to invest on large TFT or CRT monitors before buying new ones. Remember that large screens consume more energy than regular ones. You might be looking for larger screen resolutions rather than larger monitors.

Hardware Roll-out



If you are contemplating a hardware rollout, then keep the following suggestions in mind while dealing with your hardware vendor:

  • Check out its cost and compare with its other alternatives as well.
  • Possible time frame for the hardware to get outdated.

These are absolutely crucial, for ensuring long-term good health of hardware.

So these are the green computing tips which you can adopt to help our mother earth sustain. Look, it’s our responsibility to join this initiative to create a better future for our children.

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