Grooveshark Enhancement Suite: A Chrome extension, now with 3 Enhancing features

Grooveshark is a widely known and readily usable online music search engine. It is one of the easiest ways to listen to free online music or search any song instantly. Grooveshark Enhancement Suite – A Chrome extension consists of some handy modules that improves or enhances Grooveshark’s interface.

Grooveshark image

these 3 distinctive features or handy modules are,

  • Duplicate Song Remover
  • Song Lyrics display 
  • Shortcuts (keyboard) 

3 Enhancing featuresone can easily download and install Grooveshark Enhancement Suite from Chrome web store. The extension after completing its installation process will add ‘descending bars’ adjacent to the ‘Search’ option at the left-top of the window.

To enable or disable the modules, click on the bar chart menu located at the top-left corner of the webpage.Alternatively, you can select these features manually by checking the ‘+’ sign. The ‘+’ sign next to each of the 3 features indicate that the features are inactive and will be enabled after they are tick marked (✓). After enabling the desired features click on the ‘Close’ button.

To remove duplicate songs from the list, click on the ‘Duplicate Song Remover’. Trigger to execute this action can be found at the bottom-right, adjacent to ‘Radio’ button. Duplication of songs is judged from their titles. ‘Show Lyrics’ option enables you to view complete lyrics of the song, currently playing.

Song Lyrics

Grooveshark Enhancement Suite can also be made responsive with keyboard shortcuts. To do this, press ‘back-tick’ (`) and your keyboard shortcuts will be activated. To view a complete list of shortcuts press ‘Shift+/’.


The downside of the application is that every time the page is reloaded you have to enable the extension options. This suggests that the features remain active so long the application is not shut down.

Download Grooveshark Enhancement Suite from here.