Wish GSM a Happy 20th Birthday!

Oops! Did we miss something yesterday? Yeah! Apart from WWE Smackdown which featured Mark Henry in a never-seen-before avatar, yesterday was the official 20th birthday of GSM( Global System for Mobile Communications). It was on July 1 1991 that the world’s first GSM call was made by Finnish Prime Minister Harri Holkeri using a Nokia gear on GSM’s original 900MHz band.

These twenty years the GSM service expanded tremendously and now it helps connect more than 1.5 billion people around the world, accounting for 80% of the planets mobile market. It introduced the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) concept, allowed us to communicate effortlessly in a foreign land by providing the International Roaming facility, served as the launchpad for Short Messaging Service, in short called as SMS. GSM also lead to the introduction of mobile packet data(GPRS and EDGE) and a lot more introductions and innovations.

Thanks to GSM that I am able to type this post in my phone and submit it online, recieve/make calls no matter on which place of the earth I am and change my mobile device as and when desired without the need to change my mobile number and other details et al.1st July 2011 can be rightly proclaimed as the day when things really started kicking off in the mobile sector.

All thanks to GSM.