Hands-on review of Rovio’s latest game – Amazing Alex

Barely the popularity of Angry Birds had declined; Rovio came up with a brand new offering – Amazing Alex. Yes, the Finnish mobile games developer just rolled out the game with physics-based challenges into the App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore this Thursday.

About Amazing Alex:

Amazing Alex is all about a whiz kid named Alex, who uses his imagination to achieve arbitrary objectives with a houseful of fun toys. Each level in the game presents a new challenge and has few items to help you complete the levels. All you need to do is drag those items around your screen and re-orient them and start a chain reaction by hitting the ‘PLAY’ button. That’s it! The button starts the effect.

The game’s split into four stages with 32 levels within each. It costs $1 for the regular smartphone version, and $3 for an HD version. Thus, it’s evident the only difference between the two versions is scaled-up graphics.

During my brief time with the game, I found the game as simplistic and likeable but not addictive. Even the storyline of the game isn’t much exciting. Various items that help you complete each level’s problem are stored in a “tool box” in the lower-right corner of the screen.

When you begin, arrows show you exactly how to align objects for your Rube Goldberg effect. And as an item drops on your design a chain reaction is set up that make all objects collapse until your goal is complete, i.e. collecting 3 stars in every challenge board. This process continues until you reach the ninth frame you’re on your own. That is where the real fun starts.

Also, an interesting feature about the game is that once you pass the classroom level (containing 16 challenges), the game unlocks ‘MY LEVEL’ which is the fifth level of the game. Here, you are allowed to create your own challenge boards and share them with the Amazing Alex community.

On final note, Amazing Alex may not interest you at the beginning but as you move up the levels you may find it extremely addictive, especially when you start creating your own level. On popularity grounds, Amazing Alex is dominating all the gaming platforms and records say it all. The game moved to the top of the charts in Apple App Store in just 24 hours. In the Google Play store, the game has already become the eleventh-most popular app in the market.

Download Amazing Alex

  • Amazing Alex for iOS – The iTunes App Store.
  • Amazing Alex for Android – Google Play Store.