Happy Web Browsing on Mobile Phone via Mozilla FireFox SYNC

Today we have a very good news for all the mobile devices users. From today onward now mobile devices users can also access to web with Mozilla FireFox. Now you can take your web with you anywhere you go. You can use the Sync to get access on your tabs, bookmarks and send history on you mobile devices.

FireFox Sync works behind the scenes to keep you safe. Your data is always protected, so only you have access to information like your passwords and browsing history. Firefox Sync is the only service with end-to-end encryption. Sync’s advanced security measures mean you’re never vulnerable to online bad guys or companies that will sell your information.

Very interesting point here is my friend you can enjoy the benefits of sharing personal info across all your devices while still maintaining military-grade security and privacy.

How to Install

To install first you have to:

  1. Download the FireFox for Desktop.
  2. Restart the Firefox
  3. Create a Sync account by going to the top menu and selecting FireFox>> Options
  4. Then according to you choice select Window version or Mac then go to SYNC.

To create Sync account you have to follow the steps provided there, providing the email & password. Again you will be asked to provide a recpatcha to just get sure you are a human not the robot.

Once you create an account on Sync, you are ready to connect your mobile device to connect. You can use the sync facility in 2 areas.

In Mobile

  1. Swipe to Tools >> Preferences and tap on Setup.
  2. A single-use Sync code will appear.
  3. Go to the Firefox menu >> Activate new Device and enter you code .

At FireFox Home

Now you can download the Firefox and launch FireFox Home.

  1. Tap on Setup FireFox Home.
  2. Again a single-use Sync code will appear.
  3. Go to Firefox menu on your desktop & select Firefox
  4. Go to Preferences
  5. Go to Sync tab
  6. Add New Device and enter you code.

Happy surfing with Mozilla firefox  SYNC, stay updated here for more technology news.