Hitman Absolution : Sneak Peek

Ever since its first installment, Hitman video game developed by IO Interactive has been one of the favorites amongst gamers looking for a stealth video game. Hitman Blood Money, the fourth installment in the Hitman series was a great commercial success with more than 2.1 million units being sold and the game receiving a positive review from the critics. IO Interactive is now all set to release Hitman Absolution, the fifth entry to the Hitman series. We take a sneak peek into Hitman Absolution and check if it lives up to its name.

One look at the Hitman Absolution picture and you undoubtedly expect something big. The Hitman game experience for the Hitman Absolution begins right away from its cover which exhibits the Hitman DNA. A closer look and we see the subtle evolvements to the Hitman DNA. Agent 47’s art work is a masterpiece to say the least.

Moving on to the actual game. The game plot is action based. It revolves around conspiracy, friends turning foes and the ultimate quest for truth. Hitman Absolution’s story is one of the major factors which will enhance the overall game experience. The game play lives up to its Hitman DNA with “Stealth” being one of its core building blocks. Just like its predecessor installments to the Hitman game series one can accomplish the same mission in different ways. The game also offers a host of new features and killing options. The game developers at IO Interactive seem to have worked hard with their new AI (Artificial Intelligence). The new AI seems to analyze and adapt to your style of playing making the progressive levels difficult. And then the game also allows the user to go all out, shooting bullets everywhere killing everyone in Agent 47’s path and leaving no witness at all.

One of the new features is Agent 47’s instinct. The instinct is a limited game aid wherein your Agent 47 gets a sixth sense. He can now recall the exact location and track followed by guards in the surrounding area, indicate special interest points, etc. The instinct is a limited aid and one needs to use it carefully during the mission.

The overall game play is smooth with much evolved graphics. The characters are immaculately detailed right from their audio to the visual appearance. Playing Hitman Absolution in high definition is something you should not miss.

Agent 47 is all set to indulge you in a whole new world of stealth video game this time with Hitman Absolution. IO Interactive’s latest installment to the Hitman series promises to be bigger, better, stealthier and a whole lot challenging.  Hitman Absolution is one game that you certainly should not miss when it releases on 20 November 2012.

Hitman Absolution will be available on PC, XBOX360 and PS3 soon. You can find PS3 games online.