Host a Webpage on Dropbox with

If you want to share a small info through a webpage which you want to be viewed by your friends for a few days or months then you need to go through the HTML and CSS coding for developing a webpage. Even after going through all these coding phases then you need to publish the page. You might have heard about the free services about Google pages which help in creating the webpage but here there is a website which publishes a webpage through the Dropbox. is a new web app which hosts your webpage through the text file on the Dropbox folder. You need to create a text file with content in it to publish and saving it in a special folder in the Dropbox named as  Pancake folder then if you want to update the webpage it is easy as opening the text file and updating it.

After heading to the website and signup next you need to connect your Dropbox account with the account. Then it creates a folder named in the Apps folder of your Dropbox account.

Then create a text file which you need to publish and save it to folder which is in Apps folder of your Dropbox account. This also supports other file formats like PDF, image, Microsoft Office and many more.

You can view all your files that have uploaded to folder of the Dropbox in the Files tab after sign-in to website and there besides each file you have share and view option to view the file. If you want a custom Theme for your webpage then upload a CSS file in the settings tab of application.

Here is one sample article from The Geeks Club website which I turned it to PDF file and later uploaded to folder in the Dropbox

This is a new web application and it is running a contest to win a 5GB Dropbox space just by tweeting its Tweet to win the free space and this contest closes on 23rd of this month. So hurry only few days left for it.