How to Access Facebook Applications without granting them Permissions

Facebook is a popular Social Network website which has almost 750 million user accounts. There are many websites and Facebook applications which request you permission to access your private data like your name, picture, profile information, email etc. Some Facebook apps even request you for permissions, to be able to write on your Facebook wall.

We are putting ourselves at risk by giving access to our Facebook private information to others. If you are a Chrome user you can access the services of these Facebook apps without granting your private information to them with fPrivacy extension.

fPrivacy is a Google Chrome extension which disallows a specific Facebook app that uses your Facebook profile information and still allows you to login.  After installing this extension for the Google Chrome browser, try to install any third party Facebook application or try to login to any website using Facebook login. I tried accessing the Indian Jones Adventure World Game.

In the Request for Permission Window of this application they want to access my basic information, email and they want to publish game’s activity on my Facebook wall. There are some check-boxes at the top of this window where you can control the access of your information to the app. Just check-out the boxes for the information which you want to disallow to the app.


I have checked-out a few boxes in the Request for Permission window for the Facebook app and view the image below which shows only my basic information of the Facebook that can be accessed by the app after disallowing a few information from accessing by the Facebook app.


fPrivacy is a great extension for the Google Chrome which bars access to your private information on Facebook to the third party apps and websites. I have tested a few Facebook apps with this extension, it works great.