How to migrate blog from Blogger to WordPress

In this tutorial we are going to guide you how to migrate from Blogger to WordPress. As we all know that WordPress offers a tool that allows you to export and import other blog posts, pages and comments easily as well as migrating or transferring Blogger blog to Self hosted WordPress Blog.

Now, follow the simple 6 steps to migrate your Blogger blog to WordPress:

1. In your WordPress Admin Dashboard, Go to the menu Tools > Export.

Wordpress Import

2. Now, you have to select Blogger, as you want to import a Blogger blog to WordPress. Next page will be of Import Blogger, here click on Authorize button.

3. Now you have to Authorize access from your Blogger Account. For doing so simply click on the Grant Access Button.

4. Once you granted Access you will be redirected back to WordPress blog on Bloggers Blog Page, from there you can simply select the blog that you want to migrate from Blogger to WordPress. For this Navigate to your Blog and click on import button.

5. Once Import process is done you have to set author for the imported posts. For this simply click on set author button.

6. Then you will reach to Author mapping page, from there you can set up author for the imported posts.

Thats all, above you have learned how to migrate from Blogger to WordPress. If you have any further queries then do comment below.


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