How to select good SEO Keywords and Phrases for your Blog or Website

If you take a look around, you will notice thousands of confused bloggers searching for that exact keyword, which will direct healthy traffic towards their blog. To cope up with the mindset of a reader, the blogger must write down those keywords in his blogs that most users prefer to search. For example, if your blog is about latest gadgets and portable devices, it is important to understand which keyword can attract more users towards your blog.

What is the difference between Keywords and Phrase?

To get the exact result, most users prefer to search for specific set of keywords or phrases instead of using single one. For example, to buy white iPhone 4, entering just “iPhone4” in Meta keyword section will not yield exact results. Instead using phrases like “white iPhone 4” or even “buy white iPhone 4” can come up with exact set of results that one is looking for.

Now for a blogger, it is important for you to know what phrases will be used by readers to get the information about specific subject, which in your case is gadgets and portable devices.

How to Choose Correct Keywords?

There are two sites, or one can say tools, provided by Google to understand hot trends in the market. These are:

  • Google Insight for Search
  • Google AdWords Keywords Tool.

Now let us understand how these things work.

Google Insight for Search

Though a beta version as of now, it is the best free tool available to understand which phrase is attracting more traffic. One has to follow simple steps to grasp where the world is moving.

  • Follow link mentioned above to go to the search page.
  • Enter the keyword you are willing to add in your post as shown below. Apply different constraints like location, time to filter your search. Your page will look like this:
  • After clicking the Search button, you will be provided with different results showing regional interest about keyword (“gadget review” in our case) worldwide and also a list of related keywords. This list usually consists of keywords that are related to your keywords and are also hot trends in market.
  • You are even provided with the list of regions in which this phrase is repeatedly used by users to search. For example, in figure below you can see United Kingdom tops regional interest with value 100.
  • In case the keyword you are using, is not a hot cake in the particular market, you can choose the one from “top searches” list as mentioned above. Top searches keywords related to phrase “gadget review” are shown in image below:
  • As you can clearly see, instead of “gadget review” phrase, “gadget show reviews” is more used by users as keyword.  This tool allows you to mend your search as per your specifications.

Google AdWords Keywords Tool

AdWords is the best opportunity available to a blogger that lets him or her invest a little into advertising his blog and get unexpected returns from it. Google Adwords has a versatile Keyword tracking tool which helps anyone to search for specific keywords and see the web trends. This is how to use it:

  • Login to your Google Account
  • Go to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool
  • Enter the Keyword or Phrase you want to track, along with the website
  • You can check “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms” to get related search keywords
  • Expand the Advanced Filters option

    • Choose Countries, Languages, and devices you want the results for
    • You can filter results by Local or Global Monthly Searches, or by Competition. This makes this tool so impressive.
  • Click the search button and all your desired keywords will be appearing in the search results data grid in no time.

To wrap up, it is wise selection of keywords and phrases that helps to increase traffic to your blog or website. It might be confusing using these tools in the beginning, but once you grasp the basic idea, you can expect loads of traffic and consequently better blog monetization.

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