How to take Screenshots on Apple iPad and iPhone

Those were the old days when we used to save certain messages or links in order to keep notes of them or to keep the memories. These days, we just screenshot them. But taking a screenshot is a little tricky on iOS devices like an iPad or an iPhone. Though there is the same method to capture a screenshot on both these devices. It’s not too tricky either. You just have to be little quick with your fingers.

Step 1: Find the screen you want to capture. First, unlock your iOS device. Explore through your iPad to locate any image that you want to capture. You can select a fascinating part of an email, capture a screenshot of the app that displays the climate in your town, take a screenshot of something captivating you got on the internet, take a screenshot of a funny Whatsapp/hike conversation you had with a friend, or capture a variety of other pictures. Open the screen you want to capture.

Step 2: Press Home button. Once you have located the screen, press the Home button. Make sure you don’t leave the Home button just yet.

*For both iPad and iPhone, Home button is located at the center, beneath your screen.

Step 3: Press Power button. While pressing the Home button, press the Power button simultaneously. Remember, you don’t leave the Home button before pressing the Power button.

*Power button is located at the top right in iPhone5 and above models. IPhone6 has its power button on the right.

*IPad has its Power button at the back left corner.

Step 4: Wait to capture a screenshot. Pressing both these buttons together will brighten your screen for a moment. That ensures that the screenshot is captured. You can then leave both the buttons.

*If it doesn’t work for the first time, repeat the process until you see a bright screen on your device.

As mentioned earlier, you have to be quick with your fingers. Hit the Power button in less than a second after pressing the Home button. Now open the “Photos” application on your device and you will find your screenshot there. You can also capture a screenshot by pressing the Power button first, followed by the Home button but that would be a little tricky as that may lock your screen if you are not too used to capture screenshots. You will make it look easy after capturing a few screenshots. So get to your Home and Power button already. Let’s see how many attempts you take to get it right.