How to use Datally App to save Mobile Data on Android

Smartphones these days consumes a lot of data from your cellular internet package. As it is necessary for the phones to keep connected always, we cannot block the Internet usage entirely. However, you can control the data usage by the smartphones easily. There are many apps available on the market to help you with that. Amongst all of the third-party apps, Google’s own Datally app stands out with certain unique features and convenience in user experience. This article will take you through the complete guide use Datally App to save Mobile Data on Android

What is Datally App?

Aiming at reducing the data usage by smartphones, Google released the Datally app back in November 2017. Unlike other data usage monitor apps, the Datally fetches the accurate data consumed from the smartphone and can control the data usage by apps. The unique data saving mode in the smartphone helps to reduce the unwanted data usage, and the speed will remain the same. You can also set your daily internet usage limit, so it will block you from using further. There are many other features available in the app. Here are some of them listed out.

Data Saver

The Data Saver features come with the Datally app uses a VPN network to reduce the unwanted traffic. It can take over the data usage control of the entire smartphone, as well as each app individually. The Datally VPN connection blocks the network to the apps and services that cost you more data. However, the network speed will be as same as before.

There is also a data saver bubble, that pops up when you open apps that could cause data loss. You can see the app data usage, and control if necessary.

Data usage statistics

The app comes with an inbuilt statistics method to show you the graphs and charts for your data usage. It shows the apps that consumed the most internet, as well as the one which used the least. Datally also stores the data used by the users on the daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Datally Manage Data

Guest Mode

There is a guest mode in the app to save your data from overconsumed by others. When you hand over your smartphone to others, you can turn on the data limit that the guest user can use. You need to enter the passcode to exit the guest mode, so no one will ever empty out your data pack.

Find Wi-Fi

Datally can find you the secure open Wi-Fi connections near to your place. The feature allows you to use the internet at no cost, by connection to the public Wi-Fi. Using the Google Map, you can also get the direction to any Wi-Fi network locations.

Datally Wi-FI Finder

How to use Datally App to save Mobile Data on Android?

Here is a quick guide that takes you through some of the features of the Datally app. You can enable them easily as follow.

Turn on Data Saver

  • Open Datally App.
  • Toggle on the Data Saver button at the top.
  • It will then block the internet connection to every app.
  • If you want to edit which of the apps need to be removed from the blocking list, tap on “Manage Data.”
  • You will see the app icons along with a paddle lock icon. If the sign is locked, the app is restricted. Otherwise, it is allowed. Tap to toggle on or off the permission to the apps.

Datally Statistics with Data Saver

Enter Guest Mode

  • Tap on “Guest Mode.”
  • Check the box to enable password.
  • Enter the data limit that guest can use.
  • Tap on “Turn on guest mode.”

Hope the article helped you get a clear understanding of the Datally app on Android. Make sure to keep digging at these features to use Datally App to save Mobile Data. You can always turn off the switch in case you think its overdoing, and slowing you down.