HP announces Slate 2 running on Windows 7: Specs, Review, Price

Okay, look what we’ve got here: Another Windows 7 tablet coming later this month. HP announced an updated version of its Windows Slate Tablet PC today. Called as the HP Slate 2, this tablet device betters its predecessor in specifications and HP expects to increase its figures with Slate 2, which were actually expected upon the launch of HP Slate, the ‘iPad killer’.

Powered by an Intel Atom Z670 processor, the Slate 2 features mSATA SSM technology to ensure faster boot up times. With an 8.9-inch capacitive multitouch display, this business-oriented tablet weighs in at 680 grams and has the capability to run any 32-bit Windows version; though Windows 7 is the primary OS it shall be shipped with. It also sports a 64GB Solid State Drive which is essential when it comes to business use. HP has also included the popular Swype keyboard software with it along with the addition of a Bluetooth Pen or stylus. It has also added a TPM chip to allow Windows users to turn on bitlocker drive encryption.

The Slate 2 is specifically targeted for business users by displaying a rich combination of impressive capabilities along with security features, needed the most in today’s professional environment. Though it may not be the iPad killer as Steve Ballmer had said about the its parent but yes, from a broader look, it does pack a punch. HP is shipping the Slate 2 with a Bluetooth keyboard dock and sleeve too with a battery that promises up to 6 hours of usage. Pretty good.

“HP is dedicated to the tablet PC category and continues to listen to customers and improve the product in ways that best address their business needs. The HP Slate includes the right mix of rich features, support for custom-built applications, and the security and connectivity needed for today’s highly mobile and rigorous day-to-day professional environment” – said Dan Forlenza, vice president and general manager, Commercial Managed IT Segment, HP.

Business users, if you need a rough sturdy Windows-running slate that stays with you through all your meetings, maybe the HP Slate 2 is the one.

The HP Slate 2 is priced at $699 and will be available worldwide by the end of this month.