HP officially kills WebOS based devices and Touchpad Product line

Today HP announced it’s third quarter result reports where they announced,

they will discontinue operations for webOS devices, specifically the TouchPad and webOS phones.

Shocking! right? But why? here’s the reason,

In the report HP Claims, “The devices have not met internal milestones and financial targets.” that means they were not able to sell the devices as per their expectations. That will be the end of these devices and those available in the stores are the only one left behind. There won’t be any new production for these.

The awesome looking HP WebOS will be no more from now onwards, I personally love the WebOS user interface and was thinking to buy the HP TouchPad for satisfying my WebOS hunger but that won’t be possible anymore now, my bad!

The lovely WebOS UI can be now seen only in printers or cars’ entertainment/navigation systems from now onwards and the devices TouchPad, the Veer, the Pixi and the Pre will be loosing the WebOS. In this case HP will need to search for a new platform to run these devices.

WebOS was brought back in 2009 with a hope to get a good place in handheld OS but now we can say it was not possible and HP lost the game probably because of those two monsters in the handheld OS (iOS and Android) plus lack of development of applications for WebOS could also be the reason for the less sales of these devices.

Its for sure that HP won’t discontinue these device but then they’ll have to rely on OS developers to power their devices. It’s all upto HP what are they going to with the new OS and no word regarding that from HP as of now.

WebOS based devices are available in the market but they will be soon discontinued and there’s no idea when will that happen and now no person in this world will ever think to buy that left over stuff.