HP to Quit PC Business – Tablets Taking Over PCs?

Hewlett Packard, as known as HP, is one of the major computer hardware manufacturer, not to mention the substantial revenue they generate from service industry. The company that started its first office in a single-car Garage, kind of now boasts of offices in almost all countries. No need to say or write more, they are quite colossal.

hp to quit pc

Recent update is that these people have put their hands out of mobile (Laptop) as well as desktop PC business. Industry veterans are reacting in different ways altogether. Out of their current total revenue of approx 126 billion dollars, they have around 30 % from PC. Now that’s quite reasonable figure. Everybody is gasping in amazement, but that’s the way it is!

hp to quit pc

People say that since they were doing not too good in PC business as far as quality is concerned. Whole web is full of negative feedbacks on their Laptop and PC’s. I my self bought an HP-Compaq Laptop (remember Compaq takeover by HP) couple of years back and was really pissed of with the performance. Battery was out of order in few months and not to mention DVD drive, Display screen needed replacement. Well that could also be one in thousand case, but still it’s worth mention.

hp to quit pc

HP has no doubt captured the printer market all over the world but still they seem not to be that good in PC as a product (mobile or otherwise) to be frank in opinion. Companies like Apple, Dell who are much more innovative and have excellent support network has always been a threat.

The decision to leave PC segment and focus on Enterprise software, services and other stuff looks justified at this point in time. A restructuring like this was much waited since company’s shares where stagnant quite sometime and that is not a good indication of Company’s health. So lets hope for good and watch what else they can do with the resources they have in hand at this moment.

People always have big expectation from HP and looks like they have some sensible plans for the future post taking this step.