HP TouchPad is now Available to Developers for $150

The future of webOS may still be in the limbo, but it looks like HP is at least still making some small efforts to woo developers and keep its current ones in the fold. HP is now giving registered developers the HP TouchPad for just $149.99 in America, Canada, and Europe, for a limited time.

HP TouchPad 32GB

Unfortunately, it is not clear that how many HP touchpad will be available but HP is allowing the applicants to apply for up to two HP TouchPads each at the discounted price. Those who are interested will have to file their request before november18th and they will receive a coupon that must be redeemed before November 27th.

It is of course possible that HP has found another couple of HP TouchPad boxes that it needs to get rid of in order to make room for the new pool table in the board room, but why not just sell them to anyone? The desire to butter up the developers and offer them cheap entry to the webOS ecosystem is an interesting one. Only the HP high command can answer the question that everyone wants to ask: what will happen to webOS in the long run?

Some of the Tech Specs of HP TouchPad

The HP touchpad comes with a 9.7 screen with LED display, it allows seamless multi-tasking with webOS 3.0. The HP TouchPad has a 1.2GHz Qualcomm dual-core processor, it has a 1 GB RAM AND 32GB hard disc. HP TouchPad is pretty light weight at 1.6 Pounds.

Let‘s see whether this cheap selling of HP touchpad can save the future of webOS.

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