HP WDBACZ0010BBK portable hard drive review

The HP’s new portable hard drive is an upgrade to SimpleSave drive which was launched few years ago. The new drive has got variants upto 1TB storage and it also supports USB 3.0. The SimpleSave backup software is easy to use for noobs. The USB 3.0 is not quite fast as compared to other 3.0 drives and the backup software also doen’t have abundance of features with just limited to few. But with the price tag of $209.99 for 1TB version, its a worthy buy.

The HP portable drive resembles the classic 2.5” internal hard drive by any means. The drive is squashed and it has only one 3.0 mini port on its body and one standard mini USB 3.0 cable. The drive is powered by BUS which means the only cable can be used for power and data connection. The drive can work as both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 drive, but USB 3.0 is recommended.

The drive has got four rubber feet for its stability on any surface. The BackUp software will dissapoint you a bit. You’d be expecting it to run as soon as you plug in the drive, but rather it runs after 5 minutes of computer idleness. You may run it from inside the drive by double clicking the back up software. But being it a portable Hard Drive, we would like the software to run as soon as we plug in the drive.

Once the software is powered on, it will search for all sorts of files in the drive but you can customise it for which data types to backed up. The feature is located in my options where you can customise other settings also.

Thing which need to be kept in mind is, the backup is stored in only partition on the drive and you may end up losing it if you accidently formatted the drive. We would have appreciated if it was stored in other partition on drive.

You can also order the SimpleSave software to perform restoration, while all the back up files are stored in Backup Files folder in the portable drive.


If you looking for an 1TB 3.0 portable hard drive then HP WDBACZ0010BBK portable drive offers the best value for money. But if bucks are not an issue, then you may find better 1TB 3.0 drives in the market.

Available at Amazon.com.