HTC Codenames for upcoming Devices Leaked

HTC, Taiwanese mobile phone Corporation, should soon be bringing to shelves, a new range of devices, that is what a recently leaked list with codenames from the company shows. 

Available, courtesy the guys over at Pocketnow, the list includes both already launched devices, as well as devices yet to be announced, such as the recently spotted HTC Edge.

What exactly these devices are all about is still unknown, since we can see there both Android and Windows Phone handsets, but it’s clear that HTC has already made its roadmap for the coming months.

When we take a look at the HTC devices such as Bliss, Edge, Eternity, Holiday, Omega, Pico, Pop, Prime, Ruby, Runnymede, and Vigor, which refer to the handsets  that have been already made available, can be eliminated, which leaves us with a number of 24 names that are unaccounted for.
The remaining of the list shows names such as Act, Alpha, Blue, Cybertron, Elite, Fighter, Fit, Flick, Glider, Grande, Jet, Key, Layer, Quattro, Radiant, RTP, Splendor, Square, Tag, Tahiti, Tube, Veloce, Villa, and Vitesse.

Pocketnow says that they had received the list of those HTC devices some time beforehand, and that it had names that became reality so far, which suggests that more devices present there might soon pan out.

Yes, there is no guarantee that these codenames will actually turn out into real devices, since it would not be the first time that handsets have been scrapped just before they went official.

However, it remains to be seen what these HTC devices are all about, and whether they might all turn out to be smartphones, or tablet PCs would also be accompanying them.

No matter what , we’re eager to learn which mobile operating systemHTC plans on loading on these, and whether it would have their vast majority running under  Android OS as before, or would put Windows Phone OS on the majority of those devices.