HTC One X – Full Review, Ratings and Price

The dual-core phones have become a past as the quad core phones have started to step in. A few days ago we saw Samsung coming up with its next Galaxy S i.e. Samsung Galaxy S III powered by a quad core processor. But Samsung wasn’t the first to do so as the Taiwanese giant already brought its device in the market. I am talking about the HTC’s latest device i.e. HTC One X. HTC One X is the first quad-core Android phone to jump in the market. According to the HTC guys, HTC One X is going to make things tough for Samsung Galaxy S III. I still haven’t tried Samsung Galaxy S III but got a chance to go through HTC One X. After spending around 5 days with the phone, I decided to share my own experience here on The Geeks Club. So here’s a detailed review of HTC One X.

Review of HTC One X:

Build and Looks of HTC One X:

We have already seen some big screen phones earlier. HTC One X is one of the big phones standing in the line (Dimensions: 134.4 x 69.9 x 8.9 mm). But despite of its big size it has retained the slim form factor. It fits nicely in hands. It’s easy to carry too as you don’t need to anything to keep it inside pockets. From the front view the phone looks like a straight bar phone but when you place it on a flat surface you will notice that HTC One X is slightly curved on top as well as on the bottom. The primary camera of the phone comes out of the body and when you place it on the flat surface, the camera will touch the surface. That forced me to look for a good cover for the phone. The shell of the HTC One X is made up of plastic. This was slightly disappointing. The materials used for the shell of Sensational Phone i.e. HTC Sensation and HTC Sensation XE were much better than that in HTC One X. But design of the HTC One X is good which adds to the build of the phone. HTC One X weighs just 130 grams which is impressive. The phone is available in two colors i.e. Gray and White.

On the front panel there’s a big screen of 4.7” inches. Speakers are attached just above the screen and a small secondary camera resides just beside the speakers. Below the display there are three touch sensitive buttons, Back, Home and Menu.

On the left there’s a microUSB port which allows you to connect to your television. The volume rocker is present on the right panel.

On the back there’s the primary camera of the phone with a little LED flash. At the bottom there is a speaker. The 3.5mm audio jack and the power key are placed on the top panel of the phone.

Overall, the build quality of HTC One X is good except few things. In terms of looks HTC One X is exceptional and stands out in the line of current trend.

Features of HTC One X:

HTC One X is powered by a quad-core processor and an ULP GeForce GPU which resides on the Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset. There’s also 1 GB of RAM which adds up to the performance of the phone. It has got a Super IPS LCD2 capacitive HD display. The display is protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass which keeps it scratch free.

The primary camera of the phone is of 8 Megapixels which comes with a small LED Flash. You can click photos and record videos simultaneously which is a new thing to have. There are other features like autofocus, geo-tagging and face and smile detection is loaded with the camera. The camera allows you to record Full HD Videos at 30 frames per second.

There’s also a secondary camera of 1.3 Megapixels which comes handy while having a HD Video conversation over a 4G network. The secondary camera also allows you to record HD Videos at a decent frame rate.

For Sound, the speakers of the phone come from the factory of Beats Audio so you can expect some good quality sound. The preloaded microphone comes with active noise cancellation.

In terms of connectivity, the HTC One X offers 4G connectivity. The HSDPA 3G can speed up to 21 MB per second. It is Wi-Fi ready and you can also create a Wi-Fi hotspot using HTC One X. There’s a Bluetooth v4.0 in the phone. If you are thinking about NFC, yes that is also enabled in HTC One X.

The HTC One X has got 32 GB of internal storage out of which 26 GB is available for the user. Considering the category of the device, the storage of the device is average. There’s no micro SD card slot, so you will have to adjust all your data in 26 GB’s.

The phone doesn’t support a standard SIM card. You will have to cut your SIM card small to a micro SIM card as there’s only a micro SIM card slot in the phone.

Coming towards the software of the phone, the HTC One X runs on an Android 4.0 ICS Operating System. The Interface of the phone is completely different from the previous HTC phones as it has got the HTC Sense UI version 4.0. It seems like HTC Sense UI 4.0 was completely a new project for HTC guys.

Counting with the features, HTC One X drives you crazy.

Performance of HTC One X:

Powered by a quad core processor, the performance of the phone is really awesome. Playing with the interface and applications was a total delight. It felt like I was hanging out with a dual core phone while browsing the phone but apps and games ran so smooth that it didn’t take time for me to decide that I was actually on a quad core phone. HTC One X consumes a lot amount of RAM. With 3 applications running in background there was only 250 MB of free space left in the memory of the phone.

The 4.7” inch Super IPS LCD2 display of HTC One X is one of the best I have played with. The response time of the display is really amazing. Flipping around the home screens and browsing was fun. The display is very bright. Indoors I kept the brightness level at 15% and I was able to see everything bright and clear. I had to increase brightness level to 40% when I stepped out of the room. The black level depths of the display are superb. The color temperature of the display is good enough. The thing which I loved about HTC One X’s display was its viewing angles. It was much better than an AMOLED display. I watched a few HD trailers on the phone and I have no complaints about it. I am hoping to see such kind of display from HTC in their future devices as well.

The Sound quality of HTC One X is excellent. The sound quality of the beast audio speakers is excellent. Audio output while playing the music was really good. The speakers didn’t go noisy even after increasing the volume to the maximum point.
Coming to the call clarity of HTC One X, it was also superb. There was no hiccup in voice of the caller. I was able to hear him very well and clear even in a low signal zone.
There’s also a 3.5mm jack in the phone, so you can plug in your favorite earpieces anytime you want.

The Camera’s from HTC aren’t good enough. But this time HTC surprised me a lot. The camera of HTC One X is excellent. You can count it as one of the best camera phone. It isn’t good as Nokia 808 but it does give tough fight to iPhone 4S’s camera. The Camera of HTC One X saves a bit of time as you don’t need to toggle between photo and video mode.
The quality of the images clicked was excellent. Compare it with the photos of iPhone 4S, it wins by a margin. The color quality of the images clicked using One X’s camera was better than that of iPhone 4S. I never expected such an improvement from HTC.
The quality of the recorded video was also good. I recorded a short 2 minute Full HD Clip outdoors. The sharpness of the video was good. The color quality of the video suffered a bit when I zoomed in while recording the video.

The Battery of HTC One X is disappointing. It has got a Lithium polymer battery of 1800 mAh. With the amount of RAM usage, 1800 mAh of battery sounded less and it happened to be so. The battery did fall down under a day under a regular usage. This was disappointing. HTC One X outperformed in each and every section but the battery life of the phone brings a lot of concerns while buying this phone.

A software update is rolled out by HTC which reduces the memory usage problem. This increased the battery life a bit and it ended up losing all its charge in 39 hours. Looking at the competitors, 39 hours isn’t  sufficient.

Price Tag and Verdict on HTC One X:

HTC One X is priced at $149.99 under a two year contract of AT&T on Amazon Wireless. The Unlocked version of the HTC One X will cost you $629.99 on Amazon. The phone is priced way too high than the expectation. You should wait for Samsung Galaxy S III to arrive in the market before you decide to pay this much for HTC One X.

In UK you will have to pay £449.99 for this device (As listed on Amazon UK). In the Indian markets you will have to pay 37,899 which is on the higher side.

On an overall note, the HTC One X is an excellent performer. But the battery of the phone disappoints a bit. Also, the price tag of HTC One X creates kind of hesitation in minds before grabbing the phone. You can say this is the best performing Android currently available in the market. If you get the unlocked version of HTC One X anywhere near $580, then do grab it.

Ratings of HTC One X:

  • Build and Looks – 7.0
  • Features – 8.5
  • Performance – 9.0
  • Price Tag – 6.5