HTC HD7 Windows Phone – Tech Specs, Pictures, Opinion

Windows Phone 7 built from HTC looks really astonishing, named as HTC HD7 is the successor of HTC’s Windows Phone family after HD2 built on Windows Phone 6.5. HD7 just brought another soldier in the HTC’s army, armed with powerful weapons. I recently got the hands-on of the phone and here are some of my opinions on the phone.

So, here is a short review of the specs of the device based on the features announced by HTC followed by my opinion.

Regarding the specification of the phone, it is similar to HTC Desire HD but comes with a slight decrease in camera and Windows Phone 7 powered. HTC HD7 has got same 4.3inch screen and 480 x 800 pixels resolution as that of Desire HD and is powered by 1 GHz Scorpion processor with 576MB of RAM. It comes with internal memory options of 8GB and 16GB but no expandable card slot.

It comes with Windows Phone 7 operating system, still new and yet to be developed in order to beat the current players like Android and iOS in the smartphone strategy.

Camera is built to support 5mp lens, snapping pics at 2592х1944 resolution with dual LED flash and autofocus. WP7 added some amazing special shooting features to it which includes backlight, candle light and macro.

My Opinion

HTC HD7 is totally a kick ass phone from HTC, build with great hardware specs and sleek n sexy look. The screen is flawless with 4.3inch built good resolution giving a vivid great display. However the camera is not upto the expectations, colors looks dull after all and focus isn’t perfectly built, autofocus gets worst when there is change in lighting. But comparatively the 720p recording is good.

HD7 is a weak built as compared to HD2, there are lots of gaps through which the internal hardware can be seen easily including the SIM card. The glass on the display is very weak, if you are a rugged user it can break easily within few days. Back is kinda plastic built and can be easily bent, the cracks and gaps between the joint and even the speaker is easily attracted by dust, which looks worst.

Windows Phone 7 is new player in the mobile operating system to power smartphones, it has lot’s of con’s and quite few pros. If updated with Mango (WP7.5) the phone performs quite well as compared to WP7, as it comes with 500 more features than the current OS. As its still in developmental stage no great applications are developed on the platform which makes the device left idle. Best part of the operating system is its smoothness, WP7 is made extraordinary fast and animations are awesome. User Interface looks professional, rather than the same sliding concept as that of iOS and Android. Auto rotate is also perfect and doesn’t give any lags in the rotational animations. Another best part is the Zune integration, like iPod integration in iPhone by Apple. WP7 can give you both Phone plus full on Zune experience.

Factory ringtones are pathetic, as usual! and are quite low sounded. There is no video calling solution like Skype which is very much essential these days. Bluetooth still faces issues, no connectivity to third party devices (as that of Apple) and no support of MicroSD slot and even no Adobe Flash!


At this moment investing in Windows Phone 7 is no brainer. Still in developmental stage the phone has many drawbacks. Give Microsoft some time and they will end up something really great. Plus spending such great amount on non functional device can be stupidness, I suggest you to better go for Android device to get value for money. If you want a second opinion about this phone, check out the article by my colleague at TheWindowsClub.


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