HTC One ‘Google Edition’, ‘Mega Edition’ in the works, launching soon

Ever since Google announced its Galaxy S4 ‘Google Edition’ at Google I/O, rumors have started pouring in that HTC will also follow with a stock Android version of its own flagship HTC One. The people at tech blog Geek and CNET have confirmed that HTC is working on a vanilla Android version of its HTC One Smartphone which will run untouched Android version. Geek’s sources have also revealed that HTC will announce this ‘Google Edition’ variant in the next two weeks with availability in summers.

The Geek blog also added that HTC One GE will initially launch in the US before going global. CNET is only saying that it is coming in summer. There is no confirmation whether it will be tied with Google and sold exclusively via Google Play or via regular channels. Since Geek sources also revealed the Galaxy S4 Nexus Edition which was launched soon after, we can expect some truth and reliability from their latest reports.

HTC One Google Edition

In related news, HTC is also working on a ‘Mega Edition’ of HTC One as well. This will pack a display size between 5 to 6 inches and will join the already rumored smaller brother HTC M4 in rumors. According to the folks at Pocket Lint, it will just be a stretched version of ‘HTC One’, which means other than the drop in pixel resolution due to high screen size, there won’t be any other changes in the specifications.

Pocket Lint is also adding that the same source has revealed to them that HTC One mini Edition HTC M4 will pack a 4.3 inch screen, which is the same as confirmed in previous press render leak. HTC M4 will be inspired by HTC One design. There is no other confirmation about design and looks of HTC One ‘Mega Edition’. HTC One ‘Google Edition’ is set to be exactly same except for the presence of stock Android on it.

This is the very same strategy which Samsung follows with their Galaxy S4. It is working pretty well for Samsung but it remains to be seen whether it will work for the struggling HTC as well or not, if these variants do become official. In related news, HTC claims to have sold 5 million HTC One Smartphones since its launch in March end, which is some good news for the struggling HTC in a long time. This is a good number for a phone that got a troubled start due to supply shortages.

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