HTC’s New Smartphones and Tab Dazzle The Ears With SRS WOW HD

During this year’s Mobile World Congress, there was an overwhelming amount of buzz surrounding the new line which HTC is introducing. This new line of smartphones and the introduction of their first media tablet. These devices boast vibrant screens and a faster and more intuitive Android OS in addition to other cool features. They all come equipped with SRS WOW HD, the exclusive audio enhancement technology featured in the devices.


The appearance of the SRS icon in the lower left corner of the screen signifies to consumers that SRS WOW HD is ON. They have ensured a fantastic audio experience when listening to music or watching videos.

HTC’s new line of smartphones equipped with SRS WOW HD. It includes the HTC Desire S, HTC Wildfire S™, HTC Incredible S™, HTC Salsa™, HTC ChaCha™, HTC ThunderBolt™, and the HTC Arrive™. Also, the recently announced HTC FLYER™ tablet also comes equipped with SRS WOW HD. All models will be available in Europe and Asia starting in Q2, 2011 and North America later this year.

Specifically, WOW HD will provide:

1] A more expansive and immersive 3D sound field – makes the audio sound like its coming from outside your head

2] Enhanced mid and high-frequency definition – delivers purified sound that is livelier and more dynamic. Enhances vocals and high-frequency instruments while uncovering audio queues that are typically buried during the compression process

3] Bigger, richer bass – SRS WOW HD utilizes psychoacoustic bass optimization techniques. It enhances the perception of low bass frequencies from speakers and headphones. Under normal circumstances wouldn’t be able to produce these frequencies.

SRS WOW HD optimizes the dynamic audio performance of the device. It does it by enhancing the bass, improving clarity, and providing an overall natural audio experience. This exactly sounds more like how the artist intended.